My Name : Leif Thalund

                                                       Born : 11.08.1945                                 

                                       In  : Nrre Nissum (Lemvig) Denmark


                                                                                   Leif and Betty (my mom) 1945                                                          

                                              Leif and Frederik (papa) 1946                        Leif and mama 1947/48                                            


                              From 1946/47 to 1950 living in Brrup,Denmark.


                                                                                                Leif 1948/49


                              From 1950 until 1958 living in Esbjerg, Denmark.

                                                            Me, my friend Jens Graff and my sister Birgit in 1955


                                1951/52 starting in school.(Grdybskolen,Esbjerg)


                                                          1956/57 The teacher was Frederik Riis


                                From 1958 - 1969 living in Herning, Denmark.

                                      1958 - 1961 in School. (Bethaniagade)

               1963 to 1968 learning repairing radio and tv sets. (O.Mller Jensen)


                                   "Moeller drengene" med pigerne 1966/67


                           1968 to 1969 i was soldier in Fredericia and Viborg.

                                                                                        Leif  as Soldier 1968


                                From 1969 to 1971 living in Kolding, Denmark.

                        Working at Vetaphone Elektonik,reparing HF Generators.


                                                                                   Me  and my sister Birgit 1970


                             From 1971 to 2004 living in St.Wendel, (Saarland) Germany.

                                   My work was reparing all kind of elektronik equipment,

                                                 at the Factory Folienwerke Saar.

                              Later it changes the name to Kalle and Hoechst Neunkirchen,

                                             Today the name is Treofan Neunkirchen.

                                                   It is producing different kinds of

                                                   Polyethylen Plasticfilms ( foil ).

                                                                                          Leif  at the workplace   1975

                                                             The Elektric group Konfektionierung 2003             Leif  5. from  left 


                         Since 2004 where i early retired, i am living in Brasilia,Brasil.

                                                                                                          Leif  2008




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