Amateur-radio my hobby since 1961  

                                                                          My calls  :  OZ1FKR - DD5HD - DJ0XR - PT2ZXR


                         My Radio and Computer-room 2008

                                                           W.W. Locator  GH54XD  ca. 1130 meter asl.


                           PT2ZXR Antennesystem

                                                             Cush Craft A4S on the top of a 18 meter tower.



                    Duing my visit PT2ZEG Alberto on the 2.12.05, i was using his radio - amateur - station.

                           Yaesu FT1000 + Alpha 1KW linear ,4 element 3band beam on a 13meter high tower.

                             At that day i had my first radiocontact from Brasilia to Saarland ( Germany ) with

                                                                                           DF1VU Horst 



                 My Radioroom in St.Wendel,Germany from 1985 - 2003

                   Using the callsigns  DD5HD and DJ0XR i made ca. 25.000 ssb Contacts all over the world.

                                              Station  on HF :  FT902DM , 100 Watt output and  a Fritzel Groundplane Ant.

                                       On 144 Mc. more then 2000 ssb DX contacts. 99% operating portabel from the hills .

                                      Station on VHF :  FT902DM , Transverter , 200 Watt Linear, 2 * 10 Element's  Yagi Ant.


                                                            DJ0XR 1985                                                         DJ0XR 1985


                                                            DJ0XR 1995                                                          DJ0XR 1998


                                                                 DJ0XR 2003


                 DJXR / portabel in the HF and VHF Fieldday Contest, September 2005


                      Station : FT 225 + 9 element ant.for 144 Mc. - FT 902 DM + 7 elem.beam on a 25m. tower for HF.


                                             1990 JY1 confirmed our qso with this qsl card


                                                                   Silent key 


          Fox Hunting  ARDF  (Amateur-Radio-Direction-Finding )


                         I was the leader of ARDF in the Distrikt  Saar from 1987 - 2002

                                       Here some Fotos of well known Fox - hunters




                         Ham - Radio in Brasilia



                                               my QSL Card frontside                                                         my QSL Card backside


                                                              Locations of some of the radiamateuers in Brasilia


                             In LABRE the radioclub of Brasil is Ham - meeting every Saterday


                Some of the Hams ( Radio-Amateuers ) i have meet in Labre






                                                         PT2ADM Gustavo                PT2PPP Paulo                     PT2TD Rogerio                PT2GTI Roberto      


                                              PT2IW  Flavio                    PT2GH Gerardo                  PT2ND Noel                   PT2ZUY Angel



                                               PT2FM Philipp  Now back in Brasil after some years of study in Paris . 

                                    PT2ZEG Alberto leaved Brasilia in August 2006 . At time he is working in UDSSR .                                                       



                        Everywhere in the world i have found Amateuer-Radio friends

                                                              One of them is  Pater Claus Braun CP 4 BT

                                      I don't meet Claus in person, but i really want and hope to do one day .

                                       I met this wundeful Person in August 2011 im Mannheim, Germany.

                                                                            CP4BT's QSL Card

                                                Claus  CP4BT   is Missionar in  San Pablo de Lipez  in South Bolivien                             


                         Location (Standort) of the Missionsstation                CP4BT at the key operating by 2C. inside temp.  


                   Lipez is located in the mountains ca. 4250 meter asl.                               CP4BT's  wire ant.                                                          


                      Radio - amateur friends in Saarland, Germany 


                                                                                             DK8VR Eugen  President of DARC in Distrikt Saar


                   Some of my friends and members of DARC Q10 St.Wendel in Saarland


                            silent key              silent key                               Ex. President of Q10


                                 DL8AZ Konrad        DF8VK Thomas      DK5VU Gerd        DL8BI  Erwin             DL8AC  Alois         DC1VA  Thomas


                                                                                                                                          silent key


                           DJ5HM  Hartmut     DL2IAD Wilhelm      DL8WZ Heinz    DH1PZ  Karl-Heinz    DK7VW  Werner    DL7CS Christian


                                                                silent key                                 President of Q10


                     DL1HBS  Helmut                 DC1VI  Norbert                     DL9WR  Willi                 DD7VA  Christoph                 DL3VI  Antonius (Toni) 




                                                                     One of my best and a real friend, Dietmar DD2KE



                   the Clubstation of  Q13 on the  "Weinhauskoepfchen" in Saarland





                                         Few of many Q13 friends

                                                                 silent key                                                                                                   silent key


                 DO7VLR Lucas             DK7VK Josef                            DK8VF Eckart                           DF4VN Hans-Otto               DD7VW Alois       


                                              From the early 90's

               432 Mhz. Contest on the "Teufelskopf " in JN39JO

                                                             ca.700 meter asl.


                                                                                                           DK5VI, DF8VK, DC4VO silent key

                                  It was a very nice time with real  friends, that i will newer forget !


                                                                  Some of The DK0VS / portabel  Contest-Crew members


                                                              The Equipment we used :

                                                       Ant. : 120 elements and homebuild preamp.

                                            Tranceiver : Icom Shortwave with homebuild transverter.

                                               Linear Amp. : More or less homebuild  " 750 " Watt.

                                                               Automatik CQ Calling : Digital ( homebuild )

              We was not using rotor (to slow).We turned the komplete tower by hand from inside the caravan.



                        Antennensystem  6 times 20 Elements on a 25 meter Alluminium Tower


                               It looks maybe a " little bit " dangerous ?         but          Finally as you see all went OK                    


              \  Frank DL4VCG now DL8LR   Thomas DF8VK silent key                             Output 750 Watt (more or less)


                                         The Linear and Power Supply                           OttoDK5VI silent key  Burghard DC4VO silent key



                                 DK8VR   Eugen                                                                   DJ0XR   Leif      


                                  From the early 80.

                                          DK0WN / portabel in  fieldday Contest


               DL8AC-DJ0XR-DL3VI-DC1VM         DL8AZ  silent key DL3VI Jun.                   DL8BI  Erwin and  DJ0XR Leif                            


                                     LG5LG and SJ9WL

          the Calls of Morukulien between Norway and Sweden


                           ex.DL4VCG now DL8LR  Frank  -  DD2KE Dietmar  -  DF8VK Thomas silent key  and DJ0XR Leif 

                          stopped here for some days on the way to the Scandinavien VHF - UHF meeitng in Geilo ( Norway )



                                                           The Operator-room of   LG 5 LG  and  SJ 9 WL


           My visit  PT2FE  Emmerson ( Emmo ) in June 2009

             at his qth ( ca.50km.from my qth ) mostly used for Contest .


                                                                                             PT2FE  ( Emmo )


              PT2ZHA (HA5UX) Miklos   Miklos in contest ( in the right hand the key, in the left hand his pipe )



                                         a "little" bit of power is nessesary in a contest


                  a "little" dummyload                  More towers will be installed soon (material is there)


                                Many towers with great antennesystems are already installed




                    The kitchen (Barbecue)                 If it is to hot, you just take a jump in the Pool.




                                                                                     2016 Design PT2ZXR