Corfu (Greece) September 2006


                                                                                      Corfu is  like a dream, but it is reality !


                                                                                 Wiev of the City Kerkyra from the airplane                                                                                                                                       


                                                              Landing  on Corfu  is something.                                    Safaritour in the mountains


                                                    Germany,Schwarzwald (Black Forrest) 2007


                                                                                                                    View of  Wieden      


                                                                     Andreas and Freyas 

                                                   Wedding   in

                                     Tisbury (England) the 23.6.2007

Andreas and Freya Fossen


                                                                    Aneth Fossen (my niece)           Andreas and Kenneth Fossen (my nephews)


                                                                            Birgit Fossen  (my sister)               Frank Fossen + (my brother in law)


                                                                                The dinnertable at the wedding in West Hatch, near Tisbury


                                                       Visiting Gabrielle and Frank ( DL8LR )

                                      in Heiligenwald,Germany ( Saarland )                                                                                                          



                                                                             Gabrielle and Frank  DL8LR  ex  DL4VCG   ( we love you ! )


                                                      Frank is cooking  very good                 Bon appetite (exelent as always by Gabi Frank)


                                                                                 Happyness poor                                        Gabi and Sonia are big friends


                                  In St.Wendel,Germany ( Saarland )

                                                         Visiting  Susanne, Wolfgang, Dietmar (DD2KE),Christian & Thomas


                                                   Dietmar is hungry           Wolfgang do his best  at the Grill                  now is eveybody happy


                                 Natal , North East Brasil  Oktober 2007


                                                                                               The very nice beach direct at the Hotel


                                                                Beach view north of  Natal                                      The fruit of Natal "Caju"


                          Denmark (Kopenhagen, Herning, Holstebro) August 2008


                                                        OZ2EA (LX2EA) Andre     Sonia                                      Viking Ship in Roskilde                              



                                                                                          Raadhuspladsen and Tivoli in Copenhagen   



                                                 Jörgen (my cousin) in Herning                     his son  Lars               and                 Martin   


                                                     My Cousin Ellen and  Sonia           Cousin Anne-Marie and husband Karl-Peter in Holstebro                                        


                                                                      Jörgen     Niels-Erik (OZ2ND) a good friend over  50years     Sonia

                                       Italien  (Milano)  August 2008


                                                                The Catedral of Milano                                               Restaurant and Cafe                                                                                                       


                                                         Shopping Center


                              Rio de Jainero ( visiting my cousin Joergen ) Mai 2009                                                 


                                                                                                   The Christus Statue in Rio


                                                                                                 City view from the top of  Rio                                                                                                                                            




                                       Rio de Jainero januar 2011

                                                                                Pao de Açucar (Sugar top)





                                                                        At the Beach of Copa Cabana                                                                                      



                                Italy-French Riviera August 2009


                                                                      Monte Carlo by night                                               and day



                                                             The Casino of Monte Carlo                                    Portofino in Italia


                         Luzanne and Montreux ,Swiss August 2009                                


                                                                                                 The promenade of  Montrux


                                                                                                  Hotel and lake in Montreux                                           


                                                                 Besancon-France  August 2009 


                                                       View of Besancon from the Citadelle                                  The Ibis Hotel


                                                                                          Besancon in France is a very nice City


                                  Germany,  Berlin  August 2010                                                                            


                                                                    Brandenburger Tor                                             Olympia Stadion


                                                                                                      Checkpoint Charlie


                                                                                                          Sony Center


                              Germany,  Bodensee  August 2010


                                                                                             The Island Mainau at the Bodesee


                                                                        Island Mainau                                                Castle Hohenzollern


                               Germany,  Saarland  August 2010


                                              Frank DL8LR & Eugen DK8VR at Eugens 60.Birthday (super weather-super food-super friends)


                       Germany, Mannheim & Siegen August 2010


                                                                           Visiting a good friend Claus CP4BT in the City Mannheim.


                                                           Leif  PT2ZXR  -  Sonia  -  Claus CP4BT                       a "liitle" ice with fruits for Sonia


                                                                     Visiting very good friends, Mai-Britt (Pia) and Rainer in Siegen.


                                   France, Metz August 2010


                                               The Cathedrale in Metz, France                                The Post is comming.


                                                                                                  It is France delicius food.                                                          


                              Schweden, Stockholm August 2010


                                                                                         A nice Castle (Dronningholm) n Stockholm


                                                                    Sonia and Leif  in front of the Dronningholm Castle in Stockholm


                                                        My daughter Esther I and Sonia                             Esther invited for dinner, uhm.


                                             Andre and Britta came from Denmark to Visit us                        Sonia and her 2. Lion                                       


                                                                               For the nice Birthday cake i had to work a little bit.                                                                                                                                      



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